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Welcome letter

My Dear Beloved Brethren,

A few months ago, on July 12th, I was installed as the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

In May it will be my pleasure and honor to host the 18th World Conference of the Regular Grand Lodges in Jerusalem.

Although Freemasonry is active around the world, the Hiram legend is based on the building of the Temple by King Solomon in ancient prophetic Israel.

Visiting Israel will not only permit the participants at the conference to discuss masonic matters of worldwide interest but also to discover and visit the various sites pertaining to Freemasonry.

In Israel more than 60 lodges work in harmony, extending from Eilat in the South, to Tiberias and Nahariya in the North, together with other temples in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beersheba and Haifa.

Israel is considered  “a melting pot” of cultures and civilizations. Although the official languages in Israel are Hebrew and Arabic, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel governs lodges are also working  in French, English, Romanian, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Israel is the true cradle of the monotheist religions - in our lodges and temples, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze of all nationalities, colors and creeds work together, hand in hand, in perfect harmony for the benefit of mankind.

This is and will be the main message that the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel wishes to convey to all the participants of this Conference.

In the name of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel and all its brethren, I welcome you and wish you all a pleasant and meaningful stay in the Holy Land, enjoying a fruitful Conference and an unforgettable experience with us.

Most Worshipful Brother ILAN SEGEV

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