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The Zedekiah Caves

The Zedekiah Caves is known as King Solomon’s’ Quarries, from which the stones of the Temple in Jerusalem were hewn. The location, its symbolism for the freemasons and the special atmosphere of Brotherhood is leaving an intense impression on everybody.

During the archeologic excavations done in the cave two stone items were

found in the upper layer of fill:
1. A ceremonial hammer head (mallet) made of soft limestone.
The words ‘King Solomon’ are engraved above a circle containing the broken symbols of a compass and square, and the word ‘Jerusalem’ is engraved on its base. A hole on the side for a wooden handle was drilled until the center of the hammer head.
2. A fragment of a rectangular stone tablet with a frame. Two acacia (mimosa) branches that are of symbolic importance to the Order of Freemasons are carved on the tablet. They are on either side of part of a square and a compass inside a circle. In the middle of the square and compass is the letter ‘G’, alluding to the word Geometrician (geometry).

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